Our products:
Technology up to date and green!


Our products are all equipped with the latest IT technology. The benefit for the customer is obvious: Easy to operate, reliable security and fast support worldwide.

in real time

Our communication-capable machines deliver in seconds service and diagnostic data.
This leads to rapid diagnosis and reduces the resulting downtime costs by possible immediate troubleshooting.

Work flow solutions &
Reduction of tool set-up time

We use product solutions to provide for a product-related monitoring of the raw material used and the production in real time. We also provide short tool set-up times for tools and embossing stations.

Significant cost reductions can be achieved by using our new solutions.

Medesa ®

Die cutting technology

From practice - for practice

MEDESA die cutting machines were developed as a result of years of experience in daily practice. All machines are delivered as a complete unit. These include an in-line integrated quickly changeable embossing station for various types of embossing and useful extras like

  • Sealing lacquer detector
  • Continuous operation counter
  • Splicing table
  • Register mark control
  • Remote access

and optional applications:

  • CLEVER STAMP for rim-embossing, partial embossing, braille writing
  • 200% Inspection SMARTSCAN

On request we equip your machine with an "adaptive" automatic web-guide and self-regulating ionizers. For work flow solutions like e.g. pinhole- or print control, we can offer 200%inspection SMARTSCAN from our partner ERHARDT & LEIMER integrating them as a customised solution in your machine.



Our newest model:

MEDESA ® WEBMASTER Cube is the high-performance die cutting machine for the economical production of foil cuttings, whether flat, domed, deep drawn, perforated, pre-cut, stamped or embossed.

Our well designed and now internationally tested models MEDESA ® WEBMASTER Cube are characterized by ease of use. In addition, the compact size provides for a use in the smallest space. Shortest tool and calender change and set-up also ensure the lowest possible idle and downtimes.

The foil feed is achieved via freely programmable servo motors; the complete system is driven by ultramodern frequency converters. All system data and operating parameters can be programmed and changed via the microprocessor touchscreen.

Technical details

  • Operator interface with 17.5” touchscreen
  • 2 additional 4,3" operator terminals where needed
  • Optional automatic or manual mode
  • Positioning / centering of the foil when punching through program parameters
  • Self-explanatory description of the parameters by clear text display and icons
  • Web feeding by 2 servo axes
  • Latest compensator roll control
  • Climatized electronic part
  • Reversible web flow side
  • Remote and production tracking via Internet / Intranet possible
  • Diameter controlled unwind brake
  • Speed up to 420 cycles / min. depending on the material and size of the blank
  • Power 4kW
  • suitable for Offset-prints
  • Reduced power consumption due to recirculation of reactive current

Available models for belt widths from 250 to 560mm:

  • Webmaster CUBE 320
  • Webmaster CUBE 380
  • Webmaster CUBE 500
  • Webmaster CUBE 560

Punching tools

We produce individual punching tools for all major steps:

  • doming
  • pre-punching
  • cutting
  • perforating
  • deep-drawing / pre-forming
  • relief embossing

All punching tools produced by us have the following technical features:

  • for multi-step applications (sequential cutting)
  • with patented counter
  • fast changeable
  • in a smooth running 4-post rack
  • high punching times by using high-quality TC materials
  • low maintenance

Embossing station

Embosser / Calender

We develop and manufacture custom embossing stations - both MEDESA products and third party brands. Made of engraved or lasered solid cylinders or even flexibles sleeves for special use. All our embossers are absolutely precise quality products and are characterized by the following features:

  • steel / steel
  • pattern repeat controlled
  • fast changeable
  • embossing design of own choice

Partial and register controlled embossing

With the retrofit capable “CLEVER STAMP®” you can carry out register controlled partial embossing. Both - round and rectangular blanks!

  • Rim embossing with several patterns
  • Partial stamping
  • Stamping of logos and symbols
  • Writing in braille

Suitable for almost all existing cutting tools!

Mediation of job processing

Depending on the application, we can book for you a company for your job processing.

Quality management

All our die cutting equipment is manufactured in Austria and Germany, custom designed in compliance with the highest quality features and tested before delivery in all functions to the last detail. Our products are compliant with the valid EC Machinery Directive and ANSI.

Research & Optimization

Mendel RG-Systems has always impressed for its customer focus and experience in practice as well as its relevance and development of the machines. With us you are prepared for the future.


The MEDESA high performance die-cutting machines offer maximum flexibility with their modular individual design and changeable tooling.

More than 35 years of happy clients - Mendel RG-Systems GmbH