Mendel RG-Systems GmbH
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Medesa ®

What lies behind MEDESA?

Mendel Stanztechnik GmbH was established over 35 years ago purely for subcontract work. Work began with external products but later moved on to modifying and improving existing machines based on the many years of experience in this area to meet the special requirements of our customers.

From 1989, this envolved into the new developement, production and sales of MEDESA high-performance machines for manufacturing foil cut-outs.
Lids and labels made of aluminium foil, laminated aluminium foil, laminated paper and diverse plastic films were die-cut for various companies. Our customers include renowned domestic and international companies from the foil finishing industry.

This is why our motto applies to all MEDESA machines:

"From Experts for Experts"

The daily work in our foil cutting shop led Mendel Stanztechnik GmbH together with our highly specialized partner RAUCH PRECISION TOOLS to develop and optimize the machines as they are offered today and to play a leading role on the international market. 

In addition to being of a high quality, our machines and tools are extremely cost-effective. An other important advantage is the compact design, which guarantees that optimum production can be achieved with a small space requirement.


For over 35 years

Mendel Stanztechnik GmbH is familiy-owned since its foundation for more than 35 years. The continuation and the future developements are lying in the hands of the second generation, for which they are qualified by virtue of their training, experience and engagement.

True to Tradition!

The construction of foil cutting units is our area of experience for decades developed from the subcontract cutting work, which was founded for more than 30 years. We have gained a wide of experience in this field and in this combination we were able improve the design of our machines and to launch the name MEDESA successfully on the market.

Today MEDESA foil cutting units are among the top 3 market leaders.
In the United States we are already no. 1

Quality &


Quality management, research & development

MEDESA represents a constant high quality standard for decades. We do not simply monitor the quality standards - but rather ensure the highest quality from the very start. By the certified quality management it is guaranteed that only machines and tools in highest quality are supplied to our customers.

  • Multitude of cooperations between different companies, technology centres and university institutions
  • Continuous investment in new F+E - projects

The latest technical expertise and scientific findings will be applied for customers orders every day. Only the best quality and absolut functinality of our products are our highest order as we are always be aware what depends from the products our customers are using.

Our markets


One of our key task is the fast and complete supply of our customers worldwide. With our flexible organisation and the cooperation with different logistic companies we are able to deliver at a reasonable price.